Thursday, March 25, 2010

“Science Storms” special at Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast

Step inside a tornado, trigger an avalanche, unleash a tsunami,and prepare to be blown away by the new exhibits “science storms” at the museum of Science and Industry only 37 miles from Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast. Stay in a Fireplace/Whirlpool suite and enjoy a three course hot breakfast then travel to Chicago for this awesome exhibit. “Science Storms” will stir your sense of wonder at nature’s power.

Stay two nights and receive a certificate for a future complimentary one night stay at one of 1400 Inns.

Warbler suite $169.00 mention storms when you book 877/766/4273

Friday, March 19, 2010

Songbird Prairie says if the early-bird gets the worm, then the guest who plans ahead enjoys the hot deal!

Stay at Songbird Prairie with your mom during the month of May and make her a bracelet of hand-blown glass beads and silver-plated metal beads which are topped off with a touch of rhinestone bling. Bracelet is included ($17.50 value) in package with beads of your choice up to $50.00 retail value

Starts @ $219.00. Children 12 and over welcome. Can’t make an overnight? Come just for Breakfast or Afternoon tea (4 person minimum) Call for reservations.  Special for the Month of May. 877/766/4273 



Memorial Day Special

Make an early-bird reservation for Memorial Day Weekend and get a hot deal!! At Songbird Prairie the early-bird gets the worm !

Stay 2 nights in a luxurious whirlpool/fireplace suite and get the 3rd night 1/2 price or a certificate for a future free night's stay call 877.766.4273

Monday, March 15, 2010 features Songbird Prairie a Bed and Breakfast near the Dunes National Lakeshore

Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast

Enjoy the songs of various birds while eating breakfast in the sunroom.
cardinal image by mansa

Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast is a colonial country home in Valparaiso, Indiana, which is 40 miles from Michigan City. named Songbird Prairie "one of the top 25 best undiscovered . . . romantic inns based on guest reviews." The rooms are decorated with Ethan Allen furniture in a songbird theme. The guest rooms have queen or king beds, fireplaces and private bathrooms with Jacuzzi tubs. Amenities also include heated floors, luxurious robes and slippers, bath salts, hairdryers and ironing boards. Rooms have TVs with DirectTV and DVD players or VCRs with access to the video library, as well as wireless Internet capability.

Every evening guests receive a confection and beverages. A three-course breakfast is provided each morning that features fresh bakery breads, fruit fresh from the farm, an entree and a rich dessert in the sunroom where you hear the operas of songbirds through the microphones. Rates range from $169 to $249 per night in 2010.

Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast
1740 N. 600 West
Valparaiso, IN 46385

Michigan City is on the southern coast of Lake Michigan.

Dunes on Lake Michigan shore NW INdiana image by Steve Johnson

Monday, March 8, 2010

Songbird Prairie has a new look for the Purplefinch Suite

 The same shabby chic furniture and rosey accents grace the green walls in the Purplefinch suite.   Featuring Ultra Bath Whirlpool and Fireplace

The Purplefinch Suite will charm you with its cottage style. An enchanting rose theme creates pure elegance in this classic country room. The Ethan Allen queen size bed’s shabby chic, yet refined style rests against a backdrop of white bead board.

Located on the second level, this suite offers a fireplace, television with DirecTV, DVD/VCR, wireless internet access, complete on-site video library and European bed linens.

The Purplefinch Suite bathroom is highlighted with bead board walls, hexagon tile radiant heat floor, shower, Ultra Bath whirlpool for two with light therapy, Dead Sea bath salts, luxurious Italian towels, plush robes and slippers, and hair dryer.

Enjoy complimentary confections and endless beverages each evening.

Rate: $179 - $199 per night double occupancy plus tax

Red-winged blackbirds at the feeder yesterday at Songbird Prairie B and B

Bird Watchers digest says:It's a sure sign of spring here in Northwest Indiana when you hear the conk-a-ree of the male red-winged blackbird. As he gives his call, announcing himself loudly to rivals and potential  mates alike, he spreads his shoulders just so, showing bright red and yellow epaulets against his black wings. Redwings are medium-sized (8 3/4 inches long) blackbirds with an all-black body, and orange-red and yellow patch on the shoulder and nearly conical black bill. Females are streaky brown overall, but their longer bill helps separate them from the sparrows. Wet meadows, cattail marshes, upland grasslands and pastures are all breeding habitat for the redwings and we have all of those habitat terrains here at Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast here in Northwest Indiana. Songbird Prairie is a certified wildlife Habitat. The redwing's diet is mostly plant matter-weed seeds, grain, sunflower seeds, and tree seeds-along with some insects, all of which are gleaned from the ground. They will also visit a feeding station, and they do just that here at Songbird Prairie. The nesting habits start early for the red-winged blackbird, with males singing from an exposed perch on their territories as early as April in Northwest Indiana. Females choose a nest site on a male's territory and build a cup-shaped grass nest that is suspended from vertical supporting vegetation. Mud forms the foundation of the nest and soft grasses are the inner lining. Clutch size is three to four eggs, and the female alone incubates them for 10-13 days. Both parents care for the nestlings for about two weeks, until they are ready to leave the nest.

SEO Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast located in Northwest Indiana near the Dunes National Lakeshore.