Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jellybath at Songbird Prairie! Experience it here!

Enjoy the original Jellybath at Songbird Prairie: a truly unique spa experience. Jellybath turns water into luxurious encasing comfort providing the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles.


Experience a Jellybath which is a virtual blanket with aroma therapeutic benefits. Jellybath exfoliates with vitamin c, black tea and reduces swelling and pulls out toxins. Enjoy a bath with Jellybath which retains its heat up to four times longer than water!


Enjoy a 45 minute bath and 30 minute massage for $125.00 -- and then enjoy a 30 minute relaxation with hot tea, neck wrap in a warm cozy robe. Bath only without massage is $99.00

219/759/4274 or 877/766/4273


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