Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plan a getaway this spring at Songbird Prairie

As I walk our 6 1/2 acre property I am always so joyous to see the first snowdrop breaking through the remaining bits of snow.

I enjoy breathing in the freshness of the spring air. I can feel the sunshine on my face and it makes me smile. The breezes are starting to feel warm and the birds are singing their treetop operas for the wooing of their mates.  I walk by the water and I smell the earth, mossy and humid as the water ripples over the rocks. Oops I stepped to close to the water and my boot is filled in the goo of mud. The suctions keeps it tight. What an adventure! The first few wildflowers are popping through the grass. I call them belly flowers because you have to get down low to see the tiny seedlings. Spring is just a "feel good" time!  


 I await the daffodils and the apple and plum trees that blossom in the middle to late April. Oh hurry spring. Plan your stay now, the birds will be nesting soon in the boxes and building their nests in the woodlands. Migration brings so many species to the Dunes National Lakeshore. Our property is right in their path. Our property has many Bur, white and Black oaks over 300 years old. Many woodpeckers make them their home. Pileated, Red-bellied, Hairy, Downy, Red-headed, Ladderback, Yellow-bellied sapsuckers are a few that call Songbird Prairie home. Now speaking of prairie, we have many meadow birds which sing as you hike the winding trails of the oak savannah grassland. Don't forget the butterflies fluttering from flower to flower in the garden. They seem to dance in mid-air! It is magical to see them in their natural habitat, which Songbird Prairie is a certified natural habitat. Come and enjoy your time away. 877-766-4273

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