Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Art and Earth Trail stop at Songbird Prairie

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Songbird Prairie is part of the Art and Earth Trail. This Trail will promote the many unique artisan and ag-tourism experiences throughout the region.  The Trail will be a significant economic development initiative that will increase visitation and visitor spending in Northern Indiana. There are over 150 artists, agriculturalists, quaint lodging and specialty shops (that’s us!) to the 2010 Art and Earth Trail. The trail will map the trail across Northern Indiana and promote it throughout the Midwest! 877/766/4273  877/song/brd               219-759-4274         219-759-4274

A map/online guidebook that describes a drivable tour of artistic and agricultural venues where guests can experience the art, culture and food of the region in its native environment. Some of these tour stops may include a potter’s studio where guests can watch/interact with the potter at work, or a dairy farm where guests can experience not only the cows in the field but the end food products as well. Each of these stops is connected with driving directions and auxiliary stops that help guests understand and experience the Northern Indiana regional culture. Some of these additional stops might include an historic inn, a restaurant featuring locally grown products or a museum of local history. The trail is meant to be experienced one family at a time or a few visitors traveling via their own personal vehicle to ‘off-the-beaten-path’ places such as studios, galleries, in-home studios, farms, inns, etc. Here at Songbird Prairie, we serve fruit and produce gathered from our own property and vegetable/herb gardens. Which are artfully presented during our 3 course hot breakfast, which overlooks the gardens and woods. Hear the operas of songbirds through our microphones!


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