Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moms are special at Songbird Prairie Mothers Day Special

Mother/daughter special 

Moms are special
Whether she’s a “Red Hatter” or a “Tool Belt Diva”, Plan a night reminiscing with Mom at Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast. Remember those breakfasts in bed where you served her burnt toast and cold tea? Let us serve you both our Three Course Hot Breakfast in our sunroom where songbirds serenade and entertain.

Stay at Songbird Prairie with your mom during the month of May and make her a bracelet of hand-blown glass beads and silver-plated metal beads which are topped off with a touch of rhinestone bling. Bracelet is included($17.50 value) in package with beads of your choice up to $70.00 retail value

Starts @ $229.00. Children 12 and over welcome. Can’t make an overnight? Come just for Breakfast or Afternoon tea (4 person minimum)

Call for reservations. Special for the Month of May. 877/766/4273 219/759/4274

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